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Die Tagungsindustrie im Überblick

Die österreichische Tagungsindustrie ist ein komplexes Netzwerk. Klicken Sie im Netzwerk, um die verschiedenen Bereiche kennen zu lernen und den richtigen Partner für Sie zu finden oder verwenden Sie dafür unseren Partnerfinder.

ACB - Austrian Convention Bureau

... ist der Dachverband der österreichischen Tagungsbranche und Bindeglied zwischen den verschiedenen Netzwerkpartnern.
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ÖW - Österreich Werbung

... steht Ihnen für allgemeine Fragen gerne zur Verfügung und informiert die österreichische Branche über weltweite Marketing-Aktivitäten im Kongress-Bereich.
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Österreich bietet eine bunte Vielfalt and Locations an, für jede Art von Veranstaltung und für jeden Geschmack.
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Externe Kooperationen stärken das Netzwerk. Angefangen von Compliance bis zu Reverse Charge, hier finden Sie Experten.
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Kongress Dienstleister

Ausstellung, Catering, Technik, Transport, Übersetzung - ein Kongress besteht aus vielen Komponenten. Hier finden Sie kompetente Ansprechpartner.
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PCO - Professional Congress Organizer

... bieten Service rund im Ihren Kongress und stehen mit ihrer Expertise für perfekte Veranstaltungen.
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Convention Bureaus

... sind Kongressexperten für ihr jeweiliges Bundesland und unterstützen Sie gerne bei der Suche nach Locations und dem passenden Rahmenprogramm.
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What our members say
  • The ACB provides an unique platform for exchanging views with industry colleagues , making contacts and strengthening the Austrian brand together.
  • We are confident that synergies can be used and all members of the ACB family can benefit from each other. We think there is still a lot of potential to tap and to say it in the words of ACB: Learning from each other and growing together.
  • I think positively about the future because of the stability, infrastructure and location of Austria as well as the steadily increasing quality of conference and meeting providers, that's why I think positively about the future. I especially see great potential in eventcenters and hotels, which are located outside major cities.
  • Austria offers attractive locations and frame conditions, both in cities with good working infrastructure and in rural areas with beautiful nature. Memberships and a network in which a collegial exchange is possible are important.
  • The ACB guarantees high quality standards and is commited to the interests of its members with great engagement.
  • The ACB is one of the most important organisations for the Austrian convention industry. It enables networking and exchange among colleagues and professional education.
  • The ACB membership focuses on a mutual win-win situation for all members to foster the entire convention industry.
  • The Austrian convention industry is a very complex network and THE business card for Austria as a business destination. The ACB helps to put our concerns and offers into the showcase, or display them as a bundle.
  • The crosslink among colleagues in the Austrian convention industry - that's what the ACB stands for. ACB fosters information exchange and lobbying for the meeting industry.
  • The ACB is a digital platform that offers an ideal opportunity to present our company. We also appreciate the commitment of the ACB as lobbying platform within Austria and as an information hub and crosslink of the industry itself. Every year the Convention4u is a highlight for the development of our employees.
  • The ACB contributes significantly contribution to the success of the Austrian convention industry. As a member, we do not only benefit from the industry's internal communication whereever pertinent, interesting and relevant conference topics are addressed, but also from a variety of marketing activities to allow Austria appear even more attractive as a conference destination.
  • The Austrian Convention Bureau is the Austrian platform for conference venues, event facilities and services related to events. A major reason for membership is the possible exchange of experiences among colleagues - particularly at the Convention4u - and spotting the latest trends and developments in the industry.
  • The Palais Niederösterreich and the Conference Center Laxenburg are members of the ACB, because both locations are very well positioned in the national and international congress market with the activities and promotion of ACB in addition to our own sales and marketing activities. We appreciate the internal networking and communication with other companies as well as the Convention4u.